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Invitation ideas plus wording, etiquette, mailing and addressing guidance. Also view current trends and color palettes, money saving tips and how to diy and create your own unique invitations with our free invitation templates. View ideas by color, season or theme for inspiration. We offer ideas for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, bar-bat-mitzvahs, quinceanera or sweet 16 parties, as well as corporate and special events.


Beautiful Irish Wedding Invitation Idea with Embroidered Celtic Wrap

Irish wedding invitations with Celtic wrap

Are you planning an Irish wedding? A modern Celtic wedding incorporates traditions from the past, here are a few ideas and sources to get you started:

  • Irish brides used to carry a real horseshoe for good luck, modern brides now carry porcelain horseshoes or one made of fabric worn on the wrist.
  • The chime of bells is thought to keep evil spirits away, restore harmony if a couple is fighting, and also remind a couple of their wedding vows. You could have your greeters hand out tiny bells to your guests to ring during your procession or at the reception in lieu of clinking glasses.
  • Dark green Irish wedding invitation idea with vintage artwork and a jacquard embroidered Celtic ribbon wrap, $1.32 each from, order at
  • Wreath of wildflowers worn in the brides hair.
  • This Celtic ring by Brilliant Earth Earth features a graceful knot on each side of the center gem. This Celtic symbol represents two souls bound by everlasting love.

Fresh Pear Green Wedding Invitation Idea with Unryu, and Ribbon Band

Anjou Wedding Invitations with Unryu, Yellow Band and Peridot BradInspired by the fresh colors of pear green and sunny yellow, this chic pear green wedding invitation idea was created using a heavyweight Anjou green background card, white overlay, delicate unryu sash and Daffodil yellow grosgrain band, adorned with a sparkling Peridot crystal brad. The overlay was printed with vintage floral clip art ($12 from and can be used throughout your event for a cohesive look. Order from ($1.40 each from

We also love these cute lip balm spheres, perfect for a shower favors. EOS lip balm is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Select from summer fruit, lemon drop, honeysuckle honeydew, tangerine and sweet mint.

Do you like these colors for a summer wedding or shower?

Wedding Invitation Wording Basics


Congratulation on your upcoming wedding! Enclosed is wedding invitation wording basics to help create your announcements. Invitations should include the hosts, request, couples’ names, date and time, location and the reception information if you are not using a separate card.

Wedding hosts: typically who is paying for the wedding.

Invitation Request: etiquette dictates the phrase “the honour of your presence” be reserved for weddings held in houses of worship, while “the pleasure of your company” is used for weddings in other locations.

The couple’s names: the bride is normally listed first.

Date and time: spell out the day of the week, date and year (the year should not be capitalized) or to save space you can use an abbreviation such as “Saturday, June 6th 2015 at 5:00 p.m.”.

Location: include the venue name, street address, city and state (no abbreviations). The zip code should not be included.

Reception information, if space permits or use a separate card. Modern couples are also adding a qr code that links to their wedding website.

RSVP information can include a name and phone number or website address.

Invitations can also include “Adults only” or “Black tie attire”, but they should not include any reference to gifts.

Spring Wedding Colors – Vanilla Cream, Rose Pink and Anjou Pear Green

spring wedding colorsFor a fresh, romantic and modern look, we created this palette of spring wedding colors featuring cream, pink and pear green.

For easy application, apply 60% for the main color, 30% for the secondary and 10% for the accent. For example, to apply to table settings, linens would use the main color, centerpieces the secondary and napkins for the accent color.

Items shown: Padparadscha Orange Sapphire 14k gold Twig Engagement Ring from, leather iphone zipper pouch ($40) from, cotton invitations with embedded rose petals, vellum overlay and peridot crystal brad ($1.16) from and cotton Havana dress ($75) from

Fabulous Art Deco Wedding Invitation Idea with Jacquard Wrap

midnight blue invitation ideas with black and silver art deco wrap

midnight blue invitation ideas with black and silver art deco wrap

This fabulous Art Deco wedding invitation idea features a sparkling metallic dark blue heavyweight card wrapped with an exquisite black and silver embroidered jacquard wrap, perfect for a wedding, New Years party or special event. The overlay was printed with vintage holiday clip art ($14 from for a book of 556 images plus cd), for a cool, retro look. A great value for luxe invitations at only $1.32 from, order at

The cocktail jelly beans from would also make a chic favor, choose from four colorful jelly bean mixers: cosmopolitan, bellini, mojito and lemon drop.

Holiday Invitation Idea with Chic Grosgain Belt and Brass Buckle

holiday invitations with grosgrain belt and brass buckle

holiday invitations with grosgrain belt and brass buckle

You better watch out! or you can pay way too much for luxury holiday and wedding invitations. This unique holiday invitation idea was inspired by a vintage Santa Claus illustration using the heavyweight Scarlet red background and white overlay wrapped with a chic black grosgrain belt and a solid brass buckle. Order for $1.32 each, including envelope, from at

For weddings and special events, view their collection of modern invitations with ribbons for ideas. You can also mix and match cards and ribbons to create your own unique design, choose from 30 solid card colors and 20 belts colors for 600 possible combinations.

Happy Holidays!

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