Free Invitation Templates

Our exclusive free invitation templates and premium blank wedding invitations supplies were designed for the non-crafter to easily make unique wedding invitations with professional results. Wedding invitation wording is printed or copied onto overlay sheets, we offer translucent vellum or opaque white. Using our templates, each standard 8.5″x11″ sheet will provide four 4.25″x5.5″ overlays after cutting, the sheets are not perforated for a professional clean edge (small pre-cut overlays would be very difficult to setup, feed and print correctly). Order one overlay per invitationwe will send the correct number of sheets you need, for example if you order 25 overlays, we will send 7 sheets. We recommend ordering a sample to test in your printer and for better durability, purchasing water resistant ink jet ink or using a laser printer or copier. After you have finished printing you will need a paper trimmer or paper cutter to cut the sheet. Download our templates below, available in popular word processing formats:

Select and Order DIY Invitation Kits

Order from our collection of premium invitations, or mix and match blank wedding invitation supplies to create your own design by selecting a background card, white overlay, embellishment and envelope. We recommend ordering invitation samples to view the high quality of our papers and to test overlay paper in your printer.

Download Free Wedding Invitations Template

Click to download our free wedding invitation templates. The templates are formatted in a table as shown below. The text will be printed or copied onto 8.5″x11″ overlay paper, the standard sized sheets are provided for ease of printing (small pre-cut overlays would be difficult to setup and feed correctly). Each sheet will provide four 4.25″x5.5″ overlays, as detailed in the following steps.

free invitation template

overlayload paperprint

Change Text and Font

Change wedding invitations wording as desired and experiment with different typefaces to get the look you want. Insert beautiful vintage invitation clip art for a personal touch. The template is setup for 11 lines of text using 29pt line spacing…the first line is blank to adjust for the embellishments requiring holes. You may need to make adjustments depending on length of wording and the embellishment chosen. When finished, copy and paste the text into the other three table cells.

Print onto Overlay

Print on test paper before printing on the overlay. Make sure you have several people proofread your text. Use our paper guide to check that the text is placed correctly or cut the test paper in half both ways to make a mock-up. Print on overlay’s when you are sure everything is correct. We recommend purchasing water resistant ink jet ink or using a laser printer or copier, for better durability.

Cut Overlay with Paper Cutter

After you have finished printing, you will need a paper trimmer or paper cutter to cut the overlay in half vertically and horizontally. If you are using a cutter, cut the paper 5.5″ from the edge of the longer side, then again at 4.25″ from the edge (longer side up).


or Cut Overlay with Paper Trimmer If you are using a paper trimmer, mark the overlay with a pencil using the lines on our paper guide at the top and sides or measure 5.5″ down from the long side and 4.25″ from the short side.  Starting with the long side up, match up the pencil line with the guide marks on the trimmer. You can cut two sheets of the 65# overlay or three sheets of the vellum at a time.  Mark the cut sheets on top and bottom with a pencil using the paper guide or measure 4.25″ from the edge and make the final cut.

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